Trần Liễu Điền - Clark University Class of 2015 - 2019

Cập nhật: 09:16 08/09/2015

I’ve always been confident that I can handle my own responsibilities when it comes to my college application, if I had trusted that instinct I would have ruined my life. I thought that the process was simple, it was everything but simple. There were many questions along the way that I had no answers to, but luckily I had the people at AAE to advise me. They helped me from looking up colleges to my VISA interview. Everything was taken care of,I believe that is why I got accepted to such a great college with an amazing scholarship. The one thing I can say is my key to success is to try everything. I am only somewhat impressive with my grades, but what make me special are my experiences. My extra curricular activities are what got me those scholarships. Even if it takes time, spending a gap year off to experience new things is never a mistake.  In conclusion, find someone to guide you through the processimpress the colleges with the things you love doing.


Mina Tran (Tran Lieu Dien)

Clark University Class of 2019
UNESCO-CEP Volunteer
VietAboarder HCMC Club Public Relation
IM Venture Class of 2015      
SEALNet Vietnam Club Founder
Southern Sourcing Co. Customer Service
Skype: mina.tran15
Instagram: minatran15

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